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A high school diploma online is a great opportunity for people who want to make a fresh start in their lives. You can get an education and start living the life that you deserve.

Education is a right, not a privilege. It is so important to make sure that everyone has access to high quality education.

There are many people who need to work and support their families but they cannot afford to go back to school or they do not have the time. There are also many people who want to change careers and get a degree in something new but they can’t afford it or they don’t want the debt that comes with it.

This is where online diploma courses come in handy. They offer free accredited high school diplomas online for adults with no costs, so you can get an education without having to spend any money on tuition or time away from your career and family obligations.

The online diploma courses are designed to be flexible and accessible, so you can fit your education around your life.

When I was around the same age as you probably are now, I was compelled to drop out of my high school right before the payment of my 12th exams as my family was hit by an unanticipated financial crisis.

Believe me, I was furious as well as tense for myself and my future. That’s when I started surfing the internet for some authentic free accredited high school diplomas online and surprisingly, I unveiled many options to explore.

I am not going to lie, it was quite a task to determine which institutions are really accredited and provide quality education simultaneously.

After a lot of tantrums and doubts, I finally chose one established in my region and without any extra hassle, I graduated with my High School Diploma all acquired online and free.

Why is High School Accreditation Important?

It is important to note that there are some things that you should know before you sign up for a free accredited high school diploma online. The first thing is whether or not the program is accredited. This will ensure that you will be able to transfer your credits and earn a degree from an accredited institution.

The second thing is what type of diploma course you take. There are many options available and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

First of all, let’s get a stronghold on what educational accreditation is and why accreditation is important for a high school diploma.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is an intermediary party that evaluates educational institutions to review whether they meet required standards and quality of education. It also helps institutions to improvise their quality of education when needed.

If the center of learning fulfills all requirements, they are granted accreditation by accrediting bodies.

Why is Accreditation Important for a High School Diploma?

Accreditation works as security which confirms that a high school is providing education to its students up to a standard. This consequently assists when applying for colleges or universities. The institutions are recognized by the electing bodies of universities and so, they prefer and judge students on the basis of their accredited high school diplomas.

Do Colleges Differentiate Between Online High School Diploma and Traditional High School Diploma?

This question might be concerning you and honestly, I had the same query in my mind but the answer is what you’d be expecting to hear. Most colleges normally don’t differentiate between Online High School Diploma and Traditional High School Diploma.

However, the educational institutions should be accredited by an authentic party and then only, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. This is the reason why I’ve compiled the best and most authentic free accredited high school diploma online institutions so that you can easily enroll yourself in either one of them.

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Before we get into the free high school diploma online institutes, let’s clear the confusion between a high school diploma and a high school certificate.

If you still have any more concerns, proceed down and read the FAQs answered by us!

Difference between High School Diploma & High School Certificate

As much as they sound really familiar and similar, they are actually distinct.

High School Diploma is granted when a student meets all the requirements needed to graduate from high school and is easily accepted by colleges. However, a High School Certificate is given to a student who graduates high school but doesn’t fulfill all the necessary requirements and it’s not definite if colleges would accept it, it varies from college to college.

18 Free Accredited High School Diploma Online at Affordable Fees

Here’s the list of institutions offering accredited high school diplomas online at Affordable Fees;

1. Indiana University High School:

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (1)

IU High School provides students with free accredited high school diplomas online and the institute applies innovative methods in its online learning journey. It has a whole catalog of around 80 courses from which students can choose to study. They follow 4 guiding principles that you can view here.

Accredited by:


The tuition fee is $ 291 per elected course. You can apply for Financial Aid Benefits & study their diploma for free.

4 Reasons to Choose Indiana University for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Is on Number 1 for 30 Best Online High Schools in the United States.
  2. Among Top 4 Online Schools renowned nationally.
  3. On Number 14 for Best High School Diploma Programs on the basis of Affordability, Accreditation and Success of Students.
  4. They easily adapt to the frequently evolving learning landscape in their education.

2. The Keystone Academy:

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (2)

Accredited by: Cognia and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Keystone Academy grants a free accredited high school diploma online. The High School Program at Keystone Academy has around 8 subjects with 2-course levels; Standard and Advanced.

The tuition fee generally ranges around $1800-$2800 for a whole year full-time but it mostly depends on the courses you choose. Click here to check their Per Course Pricing.

3 Reasons To Choose The Keystone Academy for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Provides Flexible education programs
  2. Offers option to either study full time or choose individual classes
  3. Provides Sibling and Military discounts in tuition.

3. Smart Horizons Career Online Education:

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (3)

Accredited by:


Smart Horizons Career Online Education is the first accredited online high school in the US offering free high school diplomas and provides its students with courses that would assist them in their desired career area.

The tuition fee for a full payment plan for the whole year includes $1295 and the Automatic Payment Plan includes $1386; $77 has to be paid every month for 17 months.

5 Reasons to Choose Smart Horizons for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Provides High School Diploma in addition to Career Certification and Training.
  2. Skills based and Career Focused Curriculum
  3. Flexibility in studying; anytime, anywhere.
  4. 70% Retention Rate of Proven Record of Success.
  5. Comprehensive courses; more than 70 academic and career based courses.

4. Penn Foster:

Penn Foster warmly welcomes high school-aged students as well as adults who wish to attain an accredited high school diploma.

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (4)
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Accredited by:

Regionally by MSA-CESS and nationally by DEAC.

They have a very affordable tuition fee in addition to their flexible payment methods, all that you can view here. They even offer financial assistance.

4 Reasons to Choose Penn Foster for High School Diploma Online:

  1. They generously offer to create a tuition plan for your assistance that works around your budget and lifestyle.
  2. Custom made digital learning environment tailored according to your needs.
  3. Flexible learning, career focused coursework.
  4. Academic Guide and Supportive Coaching available for you at all times.

5. James Madison High School:

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (5)

Accredited by:

Cognia and DEAC

Earning an accredited high school diploma online at James Madison High School is academically challenging. It adheres to common subjects like Maths and English standards and has around 23 other courses to study.

You can pay the full tuition amount that is; $1069 or pay on a Monthly Basis as low as $50.

5 Reasons to Choose James Madison for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Affordable and flexible fee structure.
  2. You can join the High School at any time of a year.
  3. Interactive online lessons with certified teachers
  4. Academic advisors to help you out when needed.
  5. You can complete your courses at your own pace.

6. The University of Mississippi High School:

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (6)

Accredited by:


The University of Mississippi provides accredited high school education with a flexible environment. They have around 9 courses and are graded on a numerical basis.

The tuition fee for a unit course is $375. They also provide multiple discounts.

3 Reasons to Choose The University of Mississippi for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Has been included in the list among the 50 Best Online High School Diplomas.
  2. Offers diploma at an affordable fee
  3. Besides academic courses, they have many extracurricular activities that students can take part in.

7. Excel High School:

18 Free Online Diplomas For Adults At No Cost In 2023 - Daily Medicos (7)

Accredited by:


Excel High School is all about maintaining its high quality of education and service and is an award-winning accredited high school. They offer Standard, Adult, and Honors High School Diploma. Their courses are full-time, part-time, accelerated or you can even join Summer School.

A tuition fee of $99\$149 can be paid on a monthly basis.

4 Reasons to Choose Excel High School for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Students are guided by professional and qualified teachers.
  2. You can study at your convenience, either on a slow pace or fast.
  3. It even offers SAT prep and you can earn college credits while attending their accredited high school online.
  4. Welcomes students of all ages to earn their high school diploma at a reasonable, affordable tuition fee.

8. Park City Independent High School:

Accredited by:

Cognia; AdvancED and NWAC.

Park City Independent High School is widely recognized for achieving and promoting a balanced education program with high standards. They have around 8 basic courses which are in numerous parts to cover up through the high school.

Their Tuition Fee isn’t mentioned, you can inquire about it here.

4 Reasons to Choose Park City Independent for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Students can enroll at anytime of the year.
  2. It is Nationally Accredited and Recognised.
  3. Students can complete the High School Diploma Online at their own pace.
  4. They provide payment plans according to your budget.

9. Mizzou Academy:

Accredited by:

Cognia and NCAA.

Mizzou Academy has a touch of traditional high school but is more of an innovative high school that is nationally ranked and provides a flexible educational system. You can either enroll in their part-time program or full time.

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The tuition fee at Mizzou Academy is a little higher than other listed high schools online. Around $500 per course\ per semester.

4 Reasons to Choose Mizzou Academy for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Their credits can be transferred and are accepted by many colleges across the globe.
  2. Flexibility; you can study at your own pace.
  3. The courses are exceptional and of high quality
  4. Their instructional team and support staff is dedicated and promptly gets back to you with solutions.

10. Whitmore School:

Accredited by:


Whitmore School has been recognized as the top 10 Educational Websites in 2017. Its online courses are tailored to the student’s strengths and accomplishments and enable the students to have a personal graduation program.

The tuition fee is $1487 if paid fully. You can also get a Sibling, Military, or First Responder Discount.

4 Reasons to Choose Whitmore School for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Students can study at their own pace with their individual paced mastery learning.
  2. Alumnis of Whitmore School get accepted in reputable colleges such as Boston University, John Hpokins University or Stanford University and so on.
  3. Teachers are high qualified, very cooperative and encourage the students.
  4. Help with your SAT prep.

11. Texas Success Academy:

Accredited by:

Cognia and ACTS

Texas Success Academy offers accredited high school diplomas online that follow Christian beliefs and values. They have numerous programs which help students to become actors, athletes, dancers, musicians.

The tuition fee for a full-year monthly plan is $450. They also have other payment plans that you can view here.

3 Reasons to Choose Texas Success Academy for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Enables a Flexible Study Schedule.
  2. Parents’ involvement is encouraged. They receive a report card on a monthly basis.
  3. They have over 60 AG Courses that are approved by University of California.

12. Acellus Academy:

Accredited by:


Acellus Academy grants an accredited free high school diploma online to its students upon graduation from their high school program. Their graduates are easily accepted into Top Universities around the globe.

The Tuition Fee is affordable; $249 per month.

4 Reasons to Choose Acellus Academy for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Their education is diverse due to integrating Prism Diagnostics.
  2. Their lessons are engaging.
  3. The teachers at Acellus Academy are taught by some of America’s best teachers.
  4. They warmly welcome adults who are looking to graduate high school.

13. Connections Academy:

Accredited by:


Connections Academy has earned the Tech & Learning Award of Excellence two times in 2021. The Bessie Awards also recognized it for its innovative and high-quality programs.

They offer a Tuition-Free Accredited High School Diploma Online.

5 Reasons to Choose Connections Academy for High School Diploma Online:

  1. At Connections Academy, apart from studies, they take you on field trips. However, the costs have to be covered by parents.
  2. Offer a very flexible study plan and support
  3. Their courses are NCAA Approved.
  4. One on One attention and focus is provided to all students for them to nurture.
  5. 96% of parents agree about quality education, future success of their child and technology used is improvising the way of learning.

14. Orion High School:

Accredited by:

Association of Christian Teachers and Schools and SAAC.

Orion High School strives to improve its education standards. It has over 200 courses, from independent study to dual credit options.

The tuition fee is $1750 a year.

3 Reasons to Choose Orion High School for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Flexible study plan.
  2. Provides a supportive learning environment.
  3. You can even finish your high school at an accelerated rate.

15. Ashworth College:

Accredited by:

DEAC and Council for Higher Education

Ashworth College grants Free Accredited High School Diploma Online which is accessible to all. Their programs are affordable which are designed to the needs of students.

Their tuition fee is calculated according to your course of study. Check it out here.

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4 Reasons to Choose Ashworth College for High School Diploma Online:

  1. You can customise your study plan with your flexibility.
  2. Exams are taken online.
  3. You can enroll at anytime of the year
  4. Alumnis are accepted in Top Universities across the globe.

16. Franklin Virtual Schools:

Accredited by:


Franklin is a fully accredited high school online offering diplomas to graduating students. They provide quality education and cost-effective programs so that students can easily achieve their goals. They have interactive assignments, videos, tasks that enable students to engage with the teachers.

The tuition Fee varies based on the selection of courses.

3 Reasons to Choose Franklin Virtual Schools for High School Diploma Online:

  1. It offers programs that are comprehensive
  2. Foreign languages are also taught at Franklin Virtual Schools.
  3. Flexibility; students can study at their own pace.

17. Liberty High School:

Accredited by:

Better Business Bureau

At Liberty High School, you can conveniently earn a free accredited high school diploma online at home without going through the hassle of traditional high schools. They are recognized internationally and nationally.

They charge $300 on a monthly basis.

3 Reasons to Choose Liberty High School for High School Diploma Online:

  1. You can study one course at a time
  2. A teacher can closely guide and support you; one on one interaction.
  3. You can study at your own pace anywhere.

18. University of Nebraska High School:

Accredited by:


University of Nebraska High School is a completely virtual-based online institution that offers accredited high school diplomas online for free.

You can check their tuition fee plan here.

4 Reasons to Choose UNHS for High School Diploma Online:

  1. Regional and state accreditation.
  2. Flexibility; enroll in the university anytime and study at your pace.
  3. Engaging activities and teacher connect activities are also conducted.
  4. The staff is very accommodating and responsive.

4 FAQs Regarding High School Diploma Online:

Can High School Diploma Online for adults be attained?

Answer– Totally! Many universities as I’ve mentioned above in the Free Accredited High School Diploma Online list warmly welcome students of all ages to complete their studies.

Will my Online High School Diploma be Accepted by Colleges\Universities?

Yes. Many online institutions have claimed that their graduated students have been accepted in renowned colleges such as Boston University or John Hpokins University etc.

Do Online High Schools Really Provide Quality Education?

Absolutely. Many quality online high schools have professional, trained, and qualified teachers. Their coursework is also accepted by NCAA which guarantees quality standard education.

Is Online High School better than Traditional High School?

In my opinion, you can’t really compare both of them. Traditional Schooling means physical attention given to students and their queries being solved there and then. The whole environment is created and students tend to study better this way. However, if you’re someone who has other responsibilities or can manage alone, online High School means you can study at any time, anywhere, at your own pace, with your self-made studying schedule.

6 Reasons Why Students Choose Online High School:

1. Inadequate Finances:

Families face any kind of financial struggles which leads to students dropping out of school.

2. Acceptance of Adults:

Traditional High Schools do not accept adult students to complete or avail of high school diplomas so they resort to online high school options.

3. Freedom:

Some students just need more time to study at their own pace which can not be acquired in the traditional high school system. So, these students choose High School Online.

4. Bullying and Competitiveness:

Online High School means students can get away from active bullying or a competitive high school environment and focus on their mental growth and well-being.

5. Distinct Courses:

Many students have expertise or interest in some courses which you won’t usually find at traditional high schools but online high schools hence they choose to study in Online High School.

6. Special needs children:

Children with special needs desire to study as well. Many institutions have been established for catering to such students but online high schools can help these champs to study with their flexibility.



If your parents cannot afford you to study at a good high school, you can always resort to online high schools as they are generally cheaper and have a standard quality of education. You need not worry, go through all the above 18 Free Accredited High School Diploma Online Institutions and opt for one without second thoughts!


Are online diplomas legit? ›

For online high schools that do meet or exceed accreditation requirements, diplomas awarded by those schools are 100% legitimate and may be used the same way as any other traditional high school diploma.

How to get a high school diploma online free for adults in Texas? ›

Orion High School gives a free accredited high school diploma online at no costand is based in Midland, TX. At Orion, students must complete at least 25% of credits. Also, they have a license from the AdvancED and Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.

What are other ways to get a high school diploma? ›

The most common alternative for those who are seeking an alternative to earning a high school diploma is a GED certificate. GED stands for General Educational Development. In order to receive your GED, you must take the GED test.

What is the Texas high school diploma program? ›

The purpose of the High School Equivalency Program (HSEP) is to prepare eligible students to pass the high school equivalency exams instead of earning a high school diploma. Any school district or open enrollment charter school can apply for authorization to operate a HSEP in the state of Texas.

Can online diploma get you a job? ›

In short, yes. Historically, recruiters have had concerns about unaccredited online programs known for offering degrees to anyone who can pay for it. These days, they're far less concerned – as long as your degree comes with accreditation.

What online certificates make the most money? ›

The top ten highest paying college certificates are:
  • Information Security/Cybersecurity.
  • Computer Science.
  • Project Management.
  • Information Technology.
  • Human Resources.
  • Business Administration.
  • Bookkeeper/Accounting Technology.
  • Website Design.
Nov 11, 2022

Can you go to college without a high school diploma or GED in Texas? ›

Not all accredited U.S. colleges require you to have a high school or GED diploma. If you don't have either of these credentials, you can get a college education by enrolling in individual classes, vocational programs, or adult high school before applying to a degree program.

How can I get money without a highschool diploma? ›

Entry level jobs that don't require a high school diploma include housekeeper, janitor, and security guard or bouncer. Jobs for those without a high school diploma that require experience include construction worker, landscaper, and butcher.

How can I get my GED online for free? ›

Earn a Free GED with the GEDWorks Program

GEDWorks is a comprehensive program that allows you to get your GED for free through your employer. The GED program allows you to take free GED tests, making it easy to earn your GED while you work.

What is the oldest age you can attend high school? ›

In the U.S. you are only allowed into high school until you are 21, and once you're over that age, you will have to go to an adult high school. Many adults are unaware that the GED® test is not their only possibility of obtaining a high school diploma.

What is the best high school diploma you can get? ›

An honors diploma means that the student performed very well in their classes. In addition to the requirements of the general diploma, the honors diploma also requires students to take and pass more advanced classes.

Why is a GED not as good as a diploma? ›

A diploma is an official marking of completing and passing all courses required for high school graduation. On the other hand, a GED signifies that you have an equivalent level of knowledge compared to a high school graduate, without actually having graduated high school.

How can I get my high school diploma in Texas if I homeschooled? ›

Students must have a minimum of 22 completed credits to graduate in Texas and receive a diploma. Parents determine when their student has fulfilled graduation requirements and can issue their own homeschool diploma; students of private/online schools may receive diplomas from those institutions.

How many credits do you need to get your diploma in Texas? ›

State Graduation Requirements

Students follow the high school graduation plan that was in place when they began ninth grade. The four graduation plans currently in use require students to earn 22 to 26 course credits.

Can I graduate with 22 credits in Texas? ›

HOW MANY CREDITS ARE NEEDED TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL IN TEXAS? Students must successfully earn a minimum of 26 credits to graduate and also pass state tests.

What is the easiest degree to get online? ›

Easiest Majors and Degrees to Get Online
  • Business. Online business degrees prepare learners for diverse careers. ...
  • Liberal Arts. Liberal arts programs hone critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. ...
  • Education. ...
  • English. ...
  • Nursing. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Agriculture Science.

Can free online courses get you a job? ›

Landing a Job with an Online Course

The answer is yes. Online courses are most likely to land you a job faster than a traditionally achieved qualification. This is because they can be finished quicker and are mostly designed to improve your skillset, making you workplace ready.

What is the best online degree to get? ›

We've compiled our top ten options for best online college degrees with reasons why they made the list.
  1. Computer Science. Virtually every industry relies on computer scientists in some form or another. ...
  2. Business Administration. ...
  3. Nursing. ...
  4. Marketing. ...
  5. Finance. ...
  6. Engineering. ...
  7. Human Resources. ...
  8. Education.

What is the easiest certificate to get? ›

10 Easy Certifications That Pay Well
  • Human Resources Certifications. ...
  • Marketing Certifications. ...
  • Computer Support Specialist Certification. ...
  • Phlebotomist Certification. ...
  • Project Management Certifications. ...
  • Data Science Certification. ...
  • Personal Trainer Certification. ...
  • UX Certification.
Jan 5, 2023

What certificates can you get online fast? ›

Each of these are free (or affordable), in demand with employers, and popular within different industries.
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.
  • HubSpot Academy's Inbound Marketing Course.
  • Google Project Management: Professional Certificate.
  • Aquent Gymnasium's UX Fundamentals.

What certificate makes the most money? ›

High-Paying Certification Jobs in 2023
  • Full Stack Web Development.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • DevOps.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Business Analytics.
  • Data Science.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
6 days ago

What certifications can I get without a degree? ›

For most of these positions, a certificate can help someone early in their career get a good first job.
  1. Web Developer. ...
  2. Construction and Building Inspector. ...
  3. Architectural and Civil Drafter. ...
  4. Industrial Engineering Technician. ...
  5. Pipefitter and Plumber. ...
  6. Court Reporter. ...
  7. Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanic. ...
  8. Sheet Metal Worker.
Jul 21, 2021

Can you go back to high school after getting a GED in Texas? ›

Yes, when you've earned a GED, you can still go to high school if you're under 21 years of age in most states. Older students with a GED can get a high school diploma as well by enrolling in an adult school or signing up for an accredited online high school program.

Can I skip high school and go to college? ›

In California, you only need to be 18 years or older to attend a community college. A high school diploma is not required, though you may have to take remedial courses offered by the college and some majors, such as engineering, may require a GED before you can transfer to a four-year university.

What jobs can you get without going to college? ›

Here are the best jobs without a degree:
  • Medical Records Technician.
  • Wind Turbine Technician.
  • Community Health Worker.
  • Landscaper and Groundskeeper.
  • Home Health Aide.
  • Personal Care Aide.
  • Delivery Truck Driver.

What jobs make 6 figures without a degree? ›

Six-figure jobs without a degree
  • Real estate agent. Real estate can be a lucrative line of work for the right person. ...
  • Construction management. Construction can be a lucrative industry, particularly for skilled laborers and managers. ...
  • Elevator/escalator installer. ...
  • Commercial pilot. ...
  • Web developer. ...
  • Honorable mentions.
Jan 3, 2022

How to make money without a job? ›

11 ways to make money without a real job
  1. Get paid to test websites.
  2. Become a crowdworker.
  3. Design and sell t-shirts.
  4. Work as a transcriber.
  5. Shop for others.
  6. Sell crafts online.
  7. Get paid to pet sit.
  8. Sell your photos online.
Feb 8, 2022

What is the easiest way to pass the GED test? ›

Here are five key tips to set you up for success in preparing for and passing the GED:
  1. Learn What to Study. The GED is made up of four parts, testing your knowledge of reading, math, social studies, and science. ...
  2. Take Practice Tests. ...
  3. Study Consistently. ...
  4. Find a Preparation Program.
Oct 29, 2019

Can you answer GED online? ›

Before the summer of 2020, the answer was no, but the GED testing service developed an online test as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and testing became available online. Now, you can do everything online: learn from online classes, practice using online quizzes, and take the official test online.

Can you go to college with a GED? ›

Nearly 98% of U.S. colleges accept the GED certificate, according to the GED Testing Service. This includes community colleges, vocational schools, private universities, and public universities. College students can study online or in person after earning a GED certificate.

At what age can you leave school? ›

School leaving age

Children can leave school on the last Friday in June of the school year in which they reach 16 years of age. They must however do one of the following until they are 18: stay in full-time education, e.g. at a college. start an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Can you be 19 in the 12th grade? ›

The twelfth grade is the twelfth school year after kindergarten. It is also the last year of compulsory secondary education, or high school. Students are often 17–18 years old, and on rarer occasions, can be 19 years old. Twelfth graders are referred to as Seniors.

Who is the youngest person to graduate high school? ›

There is only one known person to ever finish high school before the age of nine. Michael Kearney holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to complete secondary education at the age of six.

What is the best free online school? ›

25+ Best Free Online Education Sites (2023 List)
  • 1) Coursera.
  • 2) Udemy.
  • 3) Udacity.
  • 4) Edx.
  • 5) LinkedIn Learning.
  • 6) Skillshare.
  • 7) Memrise.
Feb 2, 2023

What is the best diploma to get? ›

The opportunities are many, start today!
  • PG Dip Business and Management (Business Analytics)
  • Blockchain Diploma.
  • Search Marketing.
  • Designing for Fashion Diploma - Online.
  • Creating value from Big Data.
  • Digital Content Marketing.
  • Business Administration Certificate.
  • Diploma of Psychology.
Dec 30, 2022

What are the highest paying jobs with a highschool diploma? ›

Top jobs you can get with only a high school diploma
  • Farm manager. ...
  • Plumber. ...
  • Police officer. ...
  • Public transportation operator. ...
  • Distribution manager. ...
  • Transportation inspector. ...
  • Commercial pilot. National average salary: $77,531 per year. ...
  • Insurance agent. National average salary: $209,448 per year.
Feb 4, 2020

What is the hardest GED? ›

You can pass the GED exam by achieving a score of at least 145 points in each subject. Typically, the math exam is the most challenging.

What grade level is a GED equivalent to? ›

If you have ever wondered, "what is a GED?," it is a General Educational Development (GED) program that's an alternative to a high school diploma. People who are unable to complete high school can obtain a GED as an equivalent to a grade 12 education.

Do jobs not like GED? ›

“The distinction between a high school diploma and a GED in the eyes of an employer is very negligible. Most employers do not in fact care whether a candidate has a high school diploma or a GED unless there is a relevant reason to,” says Nate Masterson, director of HR for Maple Holistics.

Are online diplomas worth anything? ›

Online colleges are becoming more popular, but prospective students may still worry about their credibility. We're here to set the record straight: An online degree holds just as much weight as a traditional degree. In fact, data shows that most employers don't even differentiate between the two types of degrees.

Will my online degree be respected? ›

According to the experts, degrees earned from accredited online schools are taken just as seriously as degrees earned at brick-and-mortar institutions. Although, it's also important to remember that hiring managers look at other aspects of your job application or resume before extending an offer.

Is a online diploma better than a GED? ›

An online high school diploma is equivalent to a traditional high school diploma, provided the online high school is regionally accredited. There is no other shortcut! A GED is nothing compared to a high school diploma. Some community colleges might accept a GED as an equivalent of the high school diploma.

Is online education degree legit? ›

Some online degrees out there can actually be a scam. The so-called diploma mills are the most common type of internet education scam. By posing as a legitimate school, some websites are able to cheat you by providing essentially worthless online degrees at an apparent bargain.

What are the best diplomas to have? ›

Which Diplomas Are In Demand?
  • Business Management NATED Courses.
  • Financial Management NATED Courses.
  • Human Resource Management NATED Courses.
  • Management Assistant NATED Courses.
  • Marketing Management NATED Courses.
  • ICB Business Management courses.
  • ICB Office Administration courses.
  • ICB Financial Accounting courses.
Apr 22, 2022

Which online degree is best? ›

  • Biotechnology.
  • Computer Forensics.
  • Computer Science.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Data Science.
  • Database Management.
  • Educational Technology.
  • Information Systems and Technology.
Feb 13, 2023

Do online certificates mean anything? ›

If you already have a job, online certificates can boost productivity and growth, which increases your value to your employer. To get the most from listing these certifications in your CV, ensure that they align with the job position you are currently in or aspiring to get.


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